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I would like to thank University Grants Commission (UGC) for selecting me as the Principal Investigator for this project. I would also like to thank Prof. Iqbal Jaweed,the Principal of my college, Prof. Susanta Dattagupta, the director of IISER Kolkata (where I was working during the past year on a 'lien-leave') Prof B.M. Deb (without whom my work on DFT would not have been possible) as also Prof. Swapan K. Datta, Prof. Ananada Dasgupta and Prof. S.Sreeram for helping me in some way or the other in the execution of the project. Last but not the least, I would like to thank my students who have and continue to give me the inspiration to carry on and of course my wife, Monali, and son, Diptansu, who have contributed in their own small ways to the completion of the project.

Abhijit Poddar