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Electronics Honours

1st Year 2nd Semester
Paper: ELT-A-CC-2-04-TH:
C programming and data structures

2nd Year 4th Semester
Paper: ELT-A-CC-4-10-TH:
Signals and Systems

by Dr. Abhijit Poddar

C Programming and Data-Structures

Watch the video below to learn how to install a C-programming ide in your computer and write and execute your first C program.

A brief introduction

Use the links below to watch a few other videos that I have made to help you learn different aspects of C-programming:

A brief guide to using other useful resources on C  (YouTube video)    5m53s      New

Comments in C  (YouTube video)    1m53s      New

C Tokens  (YouTube video)    5m55s      New

Data types in C  (YouTube video)    27m03s      New

Operators in C: Part I  (YouTube video)    50m32s      New

Operators in C: Part II  (YouTube video)    43m38s      New

More to follow.

You may also click any of the following links to go through very helpful web-based C-tutorials.

C Tutorial:

C Tutorial:

C Programming Tutorial:

You may also download short pdf tutorials on C programming from the links below and use them offline. If you have gone through my audio-visual resources listed above, you must have observed that I have made ample use of them.

Essential C: Stanford CS Education Library- Download pdf

C_Programming - Download pdf

Links to the audio-visual and other resources would also be available in the college website as also inside your Google classroom. Feel free to post your questions in your Google classroom or through your department's WhatsApp group

More audio visual resources on the topic would follow soon \( \ldots \)
Dr. Abhijit Poddar