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Java applets are e-learning objects written in the java programming language, which reside in the web-server but are downloaded and executed in the local computer. They can be used to facilitate interactive online simulation of physical phenomena and to thereby enhance the understanding of a given topic. To see for yourself some of my java applets at work, click on any of the links below (you need to have java runtime environment (jre) downloaded and installed in this computer of yours from www.java.com):

A Java applet may also be used to play the role of a topic-specific learning management system. Such an applet would contain, all of the relevant theory, experimentation in the form of simulations, quizzes, provision for gathering feedback, posting questions and receiving answers, participating in a discussion forum, as well as linking to additional resources. The different components, stacked in neatly arranged panels within the applet, would be visible to the learner at all times. This way, the learner can correlate the role played by the different components, making learning of the given topic easier, faster and a more enjoyable experience. With the template of such an applet in place, it would be easy for individual teachers to adopt such a system to teach any topic in an on-line as well as off-line environment. As already mentioned before, with the help of the UGC research project (F PSW 034/07-08), I have successfully created a few applet based topic-specific learning management systems and published as well as presented the work in national and international conferences. The applets have been successfully tested offline. However, due to bandwidth limitations, they have not yet been put on the web. You may observe a few screenshots of the applets by following the links below:

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