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Research in E-learning

This page is primarily meant to contain information regarding my current research work on designing and implementing E-learning tools in physics and electronics for the benefit of students and teachers alike. E-learning is a form of learning through computers and the internet. It makes use of elearning objects and multimedia tools created for specific audiences. Creation of useful E-learning tools is quite a challenge. My experience in computational physics and chemistry in my doctoral and post doctoral days inspired me to take up this challenge.

I had started out a few years ago with the help of a minor research project grant (F PSW 054/04-05 (ERO)) from the university grants commission and designed a small website on E-learning in select topics in undergraduate solid state physics and quantum mechanics. I had primarily used latextohtml, javascript, a little bit java and the gimp image manipulating program to create custom animations.

Subsequently I have delved deeper into java and have been successful in creating useful simulations in physics with the help of more complex java applets, thanks again to another minor research project grant (F PSW 034/07-08 (ERO)) from the university grants commission. I have been working on creation of topic specific content management systems through the use of java applets. You may get a better idea of the work by seeing some of my applets at work or by following my recent publications:

  1. Teaching of the phenomena of free, damped and forced oscillations in physics through an all-inclusive java applet Physics Education Vol. 29 No.1, Jan-March issue, article no.1, 22 pgs, 2013: www.physedu.in/publication/get-archive/5/0"
  2. Teaching Resonance out of an E-briefcase Physics Education Jan-March 2010 issue pgs 19-26.
  3. Topic-specific Learning Management Systems through self-contained Applets, International Conference on E-learning in the Workplace, Columbia University, New York, June 9 to 11, 2010, edited by Dr. David Guralnick, ISBN number (CD): 978-0-9827670-0-9.
  4. Applet based Learning Management Systems to teach Electronics, International Conference on E-resources in Higher Education, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, India, February 19 and 20 2010, edited by Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan and Dr. E. Ramganesh, pp. 111-115, ISBN number: 978-81-908078-9-0.

I may add that I also had the wonderful opportunity to personally present my work at the two international conferences on e-learning held in New York and Tiruchirapally in 2010. I am thankful to the University Grants Commission (UGC) for awarding me an International Travel Grant to present my work at the conference in New York.

My latest research interest also focuses on developing novel educational apps for android mobile devices. Do have a look at our 2D Data Plotter app. You may also install it for free from the 2D Data Plotter app page on Google Play Store. I am sure you will enjoy using it.

Preview the free 2D Data Plotter Android App

You may also have a look at our numeric and time-series multi-set data plotting and fitting android app: Lab Plot n Fit published on the Google Play Store.

Preview the Lab Plot n Fit Android App

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