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The physics behind electronics

Ever wondered what makes all the electronic devices that we cannot do without, be it the ubiquitous mobile phone or the flat panel LCD TV, work? They contain tiny and sometimes not so tiny electronic components like integrated circuits or ICs, discreet components like resistors, capacitors,diodes, transistors etc. But what makes these components behave as they do? The answers lie in physics. These and much more are taught in the Electronics Honours course run in my college, as also in different colleges of Kolkata and elsewhere.The links in this page provide the students access to a host of useful information regarding the subject, which would supplement what they would be learning in the class. I would consider my endeavour to be a success, if the information helps make the study of the subject more enjoyable and also helps the students perform better in their final examination.

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Questions and Answers:
To post your questions use my guestbook (www.apoddar.123guestbook.com)

I have made the guestbook open to all. I will try to help with the answers if I can and when I have time.

IMP. Use only my guestbook and not my email to send your questions. Try to confine your questions to the topics in physics and electronics that you are studying in your class. I may also have answers to your career related questions, provided they are general in nature. I would certainly not be able to help you with information regarding a specific course or institute unless it pertains to the electronics honours course at my college.

To post a question use my guestbook (www.apoddar.123guestbook.com)

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