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List of publications

    Academic publications:

  1. A. Poddar and M. Poddar, 'A Smartphone based Remote-Lab cum TopicSpecific Learning Management System', IEEE Xplore: 2022 IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific) Symposium (TENSYMP), IIT Mumbai, India, 2022, pp. 1-6 doi: 10.1109/TENSYMP54529.2022.9864424

  2. A. Poddar and M. Poddar, 'A Smartphone Controlled Experiment to determine the Energy Band Gap of a Semiconductor using Novel Graphical Techniques', IEEE Xplore: 2020 IEEE Bombay Section Signature Conference (IBSSC), Mumbai, India, 2020, pp. 256-261, doi: 10.1109/IBSSC51096.2020.9332211.

  3. A. Poddar and M. Poddar, 'Covid-19 Data Visualization and Data Analytics with a Smart Standalone Mobile Application', IEEE Xplore: 2020 IEEE 17th India Council International Conference (INDICON), New Delhi, India, 2020, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/INDICON49873.2020.9342143.

  4. A. Poddar and M. Poddar, 'A microcontroller interfaced smartphone application to perform and analyze a laboratory experiment in real time', IEEE Xplore: 2020 IEEE 7th Uttar Pradesh Section International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (UPCON), Prayagraj, India, 2020, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/UPCON50219.2020.9376531.

  5. A. Poddar and M. Poddar, 'Reducing Carbon Footprint with a Knowledge-Based Smart Graphing Application', IEEE Xplore: 2020 IEEE India Council International Subsections Conference (INDISCON), Visakhapatnam, India, 2020, pp. 163-168, doi: 10.1109/INDISCON50162.2020.00043.

  6. A. Poddar, `Electronic structure calculations and visualizations using the Android application framework', Proceedings of the International Conference on Systems and Processes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (ICSPPCB-2018), Assam University, Silchar, India, March 1-3 2018, edited by Dr. Debesh R. Roy and Dr. Utpal Sarkar, Part II pp. 1-4, ISBN number: 978-81-934859-0-3

  7. A. Poddar and M. Poddar, 'Data analysis using a mobile device' , Engineering Sciences International Research Journal, Vol. 5 Spl. Issue, pgs. 20-23, 2017.

  8. A. Poddar and M. Poddar, 'Taking E-learning to the lab: Simulating a lab experiment in Physics', IEEE Xplore: 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Informatics (IC3I), Noida, 2016, pp. 741-744, doi: 10.1109/IC3I.2016.7918059.

  9. A. Poddar and M. Poddar, ` Lab Plot n Fit: A numeric and time-series multi-set data plotting and fitting android app', web-publication: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abhipod.abhimonlabplotnfit, 2014 (Latest update Jan 2018)

  10. A. Poddar and M. Poddar, ` 2D Data Plotter: A two dimensional data plotting android app', web-publication: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abhipod.abhimon2ddataplotter, 2014 (Latest update Dec 2017)

  11. A. Poddar, `Teaching of the phenomena of free, damped and forced oscillations in physics through an all-inclusive java applet', Physics Education Vol. 29 No.1, Jan-March issue, article no.1, 22 pgs, 2013: www.physedu.in/publication/get-archive/5/0

  12. A. Poddar, `YouTube Animations of Standing Waves and Standing Wave patterns in Transmission Lines', web-publication: http://www.abhipod.com/teachingpage/notes/standingwaves/standingwaves.html, 2012

  13. A. Poddar, `8085 microprocessor applet', web-publication: http://www.abhipod.com/researchpage/appletsforweb/microprocessor_applet/microprocessor_applet.html, 2011.

  14. A. Poddar, `Wave packet dynamics applet', web-publication: http://www.abhipod.com/researchpage/appletsforweb/wavepacketdynamics_applet/wavepacketdynamics_applet.html, 2011.

  15. A. Poddar, `Teaching Resonance out of an E-briefcase', Physics Education Vol. 27 No.1, Jan-March issue, pgs 19-26, 2010.

  16. A. Poddar, `Topic-specific Learning Management Systems through self-contained Applets', International Conference on E-learning in the Workplace, Columbia University, New York, June 9 to 11, 2010, edited by Dr. David Guralnick, ISBN number (CD): 978-0-9827670-0-9.

  17. A. Poddar, `Applet based Learning Management Systems to teach Electronics', International Conference on E-resources in Higher Education, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, India, February 19 and 20 2010, edited by Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan and Dr. E. Ramganesh, pp. 111-115, ISBN number: 978-81-908078-9-0.

  18. A. Poddar, `E-learning in select topics in Solid State Physics and Quantum Mechanics', web-publication: http://www.abhipod.com/researchpage/UGCMRP_05_06_ForWeb, 2008.

  19. A. Poddar and B. M. Deb, `A method for studying electron-density-based dynamics of many-electron-systems in scaled-cylindrical-coordinates', J. Phys. A , 40, 5981, 2007.

  20. G.S. Nolas, C.A. Kendziora, J. Gryko, J. Dong, C.W. Myles, A. Poddar, and O.F. Sankey, `Raman scattering study of stoichiometric Si and Ge type II clathrates', Journal of Applied Physics, 92, No.12, 7255, 2002.

  21. A.Poddar, O. F. Sankey, J. Dong and C. W. Myles, `Theoretical investigation of rattling vibrational modes in type-II clathrate materials', Bulletin of the American Physical Society, Volume 46, No.1,pp.936, 2001.

  22. P. K. Chattaraj, A.Poddar and B. Maity, `Chemical Reactivity And Dynamics Within A Density-Based Quantum Mechanical Framework'(article based on my Ph.D. thesis) in Reviews Of Modern Quantum Chemistry: A Celebration Of The Contributions Of Robert G Parr,ed. K.D. Sen, World Scientific, Singapore, 2002, p-p 871-935 with a personal introduction written by Professor Walter Kohn, Nobel laureate, Chemistry

  23. S. Sengupta, P. K. Chattaraj and A. Poddar, `Quantum manifestations of the classical chaos in an undamped duffing oscillator in presence of an external field: A quantum theory of motion study', Indian J. Chem., Special Issue, 2000.

  24. P. K. Chattaraj, S. Sengupta and A. Poddar, `Quantum manifestations of the classical chaos in the field-induced barrier penetration in a double-well potential: A Bohmian trajectory approach', in Nonlinear Dynamics: Integrability and Chaos, eds. M. Daniel, K. M. Tamizhmani and R. Sahadevan, Narosa, New-Delhi, 2000, pp. 287.

  25. P. K. Chattaraj, S. Sengupta and A. Poddar, `Quantum fluid density functional theory of chemical reactivity in a two-state ensemble', J. Mol. Struct. (THEOCHEM), 501, 339, 2000.

  26. P. K. Chattaraj, S. Sengupta and A. Poddar, `Quantum theory of motion for many-electron systems within a quantum fluid density functional framework', in Nonlinear Dynamics and Computational Physics, ed. V.B.Sheory, Narosa, New Delhi, 1999, pp. 45-53.

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  28. P. K. Chattaraj and A. Poddar, `Molecular reactivity in the ground and excited electronic states through density-dependent local and global reactivity parameters', J. Phys. Chem. A, 103, 8691, 1999.

  29. P. K. Chattaraj and A. Poddar, `Chemical reactivity and excited-state density functional theory', J. Phys. Chem. A, 103, 1274, 1999.

  30. P. K. Chattaraj and A. Poddar, `A density functional treatment of chemical reactivity and the associated electronic structure principles in the excited electronic states', J. Phys. Chem. A, 102, 9944, 1998.

  31. P. K. Chattaraj, S. Sengupta and A. Poddar, `Chaotic dynamics of some quantum anharmonic oscillators', Current Science, 74, 758, 1998.

  32. P. K.Chattaraj, S. Sengupta and A. Poddar, `Quantum fluid density functional theory of time-dependent processes', Int. J. Quant. Chem. , 69, 279, 1998.

    Other publications:

  1. A. Poddar, 'A trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal: a Travelogue', web-publication: http://www.abhipod.com/travelpage/agratrip/agratrip.html, 2013.

  2. A. Poddar, `Tour of the nations capital Delhi: a Travelogue', web-publication: http://www.abhipod.com/travelpage/delhitrip/delhitrip.html, 2013.

  3. A. Poddar, `Trip to Vizag: where the sea meets the hills: a Travelogue', web-publication: http://www.abhipod.com/travelpage/vizagtrip/vizagtrip.html, 2011.

  4. A. Poddar, `Durga Puja Parikrama', web-publication: http://www.abhipod.com/travelpage/durgapuja2011parikrama/durgapuja2011parikrama.html, 2011.

  5. A. Poddar, `Rendezvous with Darjeeling: a Travelogue', web-publication: http://www.abhipod.com/travelpage/darjeelingtrip/darjeelingtrip.html, 2011.

  6. A. Poddar, `Abhijit Poddar's Edutainment Blog', web-publication: www.abhipod.bravehost.com (now www.abhipod.com), 2011.

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